I offer grammar and stylistics proofreading of various texts in Czech language. I will check Bachelor’s and Master’s work and important work documents. I would not only be checking grammar and spelling, but also focus on stylistics and factual accuracy. I would also be happy to check the translation of your website.

Shorter proofreading (approximately up to five standard pages) will be done within 24 hours, longer documents will be completed within four to seven days. We will set the particular date when discussing the contract and I will be committed to the respected date – in the case that I will fail to deliver the document on the particular day discussed, the rate will be dropped by 50 %.

The corrections I make can be done either directly into the text or in a revision tracking mode. Proofreading also includes a separate file with comments, where I will explain all corrections in detail.

All corrections are opened to be discussed further.

I would ask that documents be sent in one of the following formats – .doc, .docx or .pdf, but if not possible I can try to accommodate you.

Would you like to see an example? I offer 2-3 standard pages trial. Contact me for more details.