Welcome to a website dedicated to Czech language teaching and Czech text proofreading. I offer help in versatile areas of the Czech language:

  • Would you like to learn the basics of the Czech language or just practice conversation?
  • Would you like to have your translation, letter or other documents proofread?
  • Are you preparing for the Czech Republic residency test?
  • Do you need your website translations proofread?

Whether you need a quick consultation or long term lessons, translation of one sentence or an entire thesis, I would be glad to help you.

  • Lessons are available via Skype, allowing you to learn in the comfort of your home at a time that suits your schedule.
  • Proofreading will be done quickly, thoroughly and accurately. I will mark and explain all changes in the text and gladly explain anything that may be unclear.

Recently, I adapted a famous play by Karel Čapek, Bílá nemoc (The White Disease), as simplified reading for Czech learners at the B1 level. A sample of the e-book can be downloaded here. In case you would like to buy the book, please contact me directly or use the Sellfy button below. Further details can be found in the Adapted texts section.

Buy Bílá nemoc

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